Hitler’s love affairs and the girls he chased and hunted … a naughty male, like Napoleon


I spent some time doing research because I am sick to death of the Jewish crap written about Hitler’s sex life. I had concluded long ago that he was just a normal guy who really liked women, and when he was young, he was rather shy. But otherwise he was a 100% heterosexual male.

The CIA and the Jews try to portray him as a weird sexual pervert, but that’s total nonsense.

I was doing a lot of reading about Hitler and women and what various people saw and knew, and there is no question about it, Hitler liked the girls and he hunted for them! He was a totally normal male.

His valet said that at times when they were driving, Hitler would say to him, "There is such a beautiful woman, please move aside so I can look at her" and Hitler’s eyes would follow the woman until they passed her and she disappeared in the distance.

Then there were the pretty actresses whom Hitler liked to invite for tea and a chat. He did this on a number of occasions.

This is very similar to Napoleon who also liked to go to plays and then he would pursue the actresses. In his case, Napoleon was a lot naughtier and he ended up sleeping with many of them. Hitler was much better behaved. He was a gentleman with the women ALWAYS.

Hitler’s valet said that when there was a particularly pretty girl, that Hitler would then ask them to get her address so he could go through the process of getting her to tea and have a chat.

There is no question whatsoever, that from the time Hitler was a teen, that his sexual urges and desires were 100% normal – that of a normal male. He loved women, and he went after the prettiest ones. He was turned on by their good looks.

My Boer NAZI pal, the university lecturer, told me that Hitler liked Eva’s lovely legs when he first saw her.

Hitler made romantic moves on a number of women.

Another aspect of Hitler that people are often not aware of, was his understanding of human psychology. Hitler understood how the masses worked, and he also understood men and women.

Hitler said that women between the ages of 18-20 were very impressionable and that a man could really "mould" a girl that age. I am curious what the source was for this knowledge. I have traced Hitler’s understanding of crowds and people – mass psychology. But I’m not sure where he learned this about young women. However, knowing him, it had to have come from a book he read. He was a very AVID READER.

Hitler also said that young women of that age WANT A MAN TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION ON THEM.

There is the fascinating story, which I will post in the coming days of Hitler and the 16 year old girl he loved and wanted to marry, and she, herself was totally shattered when they could not marry. She actually tried to commit suicide – but luckily was saved.

So Hitler might have had a very pretty young bride. The reason it did not happen was because someone was blackmailing him and was threatening to expose his affair with her. Hitler, being, at that stage a politician, was subject to intense scrutiny and this no doubt made life very hard for him.

Hitler also used his psychological knowledge of women in order to use it to bring him to political power since German women then had the vote.

Napoleon was a lot naughtier than Hitler. Napoleon was very naughty. The lowest that Napoleon sunk to, in my view, was one time when he slept with one of the pretty wives of an officer in his army. He then had the man sent away somewhere else so he could have an affair with the woman. That in my view was very low of Napoleon. I think it is very wrong for a powerful man to abuse another man’s wife. That is extremely low. That is the lowest that I’ve heard of Napoleon sinking to. Though, there are also lies about Napoleon too.

Hitler was not like that at all. Hitler was very well behaved and civil. He was NEVER improper with a woman.

Whenever you hear crap about Hitler being sexually weird, ignore it. That’s just Jewish crap. If you want a sexual weirdo, then look no further than the fatso Churchill.

Hitler was a 100% heterosexual male who had no weird inclinations.

Hitler also had the ability to command the respect of women, which says a lot about him.

It is only the Jews who want to try and caste Hitler as a degenerate. But all the testimony of people around him, throughout his life, shows that he was totally normal and he found women attractive.

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