Hitler’s INTENSE HATRED of the Soviet Union

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In General Heinz Guderian’s memoirs, he talks about meeting Hitler after the Wehrmacht had defeated Poland. Hitler came to the front line and was chatting to him and asking questions. He said Hitler for example, looked at some destruction that took place and he asked Guderian: "Did our Stukas do that?" "No", said Guderian, "Our Panzers did that!" And Hitler was very impressed.

At a point, I think they were having a meal, and Hitler asked Guderian how he and the military guys felt about his political deal with Stalin. Guderian replied and said that they were so pleased with the deal because it meant that they could relax about the fear of a two-front war like in WW1.

Guderian said that after he had said all these good things about the deal between Stalin and Hitler, that he noticed that Hitler said nothing and then Hitler changed the subject. He realised that EVERYTHING in his answer had actually annoyed Hitler. Only then did he realise Hitler’s INTENSE HATRED of the Soviet Union!

I thought this is an important point we must not lose sight of. I have no problem with this. The Soviet Union was the most evil Jewish Bolshevik creation in history.

In Von Manstein’s Memoirs, he wrote about them getting a message from Germany during the war which was passed on to all the troops in all the German armies, that JEWISH BOLSHEVISM MUST BE DESTROYED!

And I agree with that.

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