Hitler’s attitude towards Christianity: The Night of the Long Knives – How Hitler saved Germany


Most Germans before WW2 were Christians. The vast majority of Germans then, like whites in SA now, WERE CHRISTIANS. NAZISM as a way of life was based on science and history but it reached out to German christians. I will explain in more detailed terms later, the relationship between NAZISM and Christianity. Their doctrine towards Christians was called “Positive Christianity”. During the time of Hitler, the Germans built more than 400 new christian churches. Hitler faced constant attacks from Jews and Jewish communism. Large numbers of Germans had been misled into communism too. Hitler, like Mussolini in Italy, faced serious unity problems. Both of them overcame those problems and united their people. How Mussolini did it was completely different to Hitler. But both of them UNITED THEIR NATIONS AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF ALL LEVELS. Hitler, wanted the Jews to leave. Mussolini embraced the Jews, and therein may lie to secret to the demise of Italy, and the many problems from Italy that assailed Hitler and seriously impacted his war effort. But he was always loyal to ALL his allies – going to extreme lengths to stand by the Italians and the Japanese, even though it added huge weights to Germany. Hitler and the Germans stood stoically by their allies right to the end. Almost every conceivable lie has been told about Hitler, and one massively twisted lie is about “The Night of the Long Knives”. This was when Germany was on the knife edge of a civil war with itself. Leon Degrelle is the only writer I’ve come across who explains very clearly what Hitler did in the night of the long knives and how he moved like a bolt of lightning to prevent a civil war among Germans, and why he had certain people killed. Leon Degrelle, who is Belgian, and volunteered to fight in the Waffen SS, says that Hitler’s feat was an incredible one that saved German on German bloodshed. In a very quick move, he killed those who were dead set on throwing the Germans at each other. I will later do an audio on this topic because its extremely dramatic. Degrelle states that Hitler took extreme action which allowed him to succeed, with the LEAST AMOUNT OF BLOOD LETTING among the Germans, thereby keeping Germany in tact with the least amount of problems. In fact, Hitler had to kill some NAZIs in the SA in order to save non-NAZIs. He had very difficult choices, but he did his UTMOST for the benefit of THE NATION. So we will revisit this and Christianity later.

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