Hitler was RIGHT: You need an honorable WARRIOR ELITE – Ditto Napoleon & Prince Eugene


As I read European history I come across all kinds of things that show me that the common White person is a totally different creature to the pathetic money-grubbing, shopping mall, cry babies that we’ve become.

Hitler, who the Jews lie about every day … the much maligned Hitler … the most lied about man in world history … And by the way, Machiavelli, is another White man, a truth teller that they like to misrepresent.

White men who tell the TRUTH – the 100% TOTAL TRUTH are hated and maligned.

Hitler did not think much could come of a world that was turned into a "business enterprise" – a global shopping mall – which is what we have become. He mentioned this in Mein Kampf. Hitler’s views are corroborated by other great White men, men of exceptional achievement.

Napoleon, in his final days, was extremely pleased that he had militarised the French to a massive degree so that they could fight against almost everyone. Napoleon once said that the real aristocracy of France is its ARMY! Napoleon apparently once called the British "a nation of shopkeepers" or something to that effect.

So the 2 greatest leaders in Europe in the last 200 years, the ONLY MEN who united Europe … had a tremendous regard for military power and the need for White society to organise itself to an EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH DEGREE around the MILITARY.

The SS was to be Hitler’s new Elite that would lead Germany and the race. They were a WARRIOR CLASS OF ELITE who would go out there and lead men in battle. His concepts were based on another fantastic White creation, the Roman Empire. They had the "Praetorian guard".

The SS was Hitler’s Praetorian guard.

I have recently been studying the greatest General to come out of Austria. His name is Prince Eugene of Savoy. He was Italian by lineage, but physically born in France and he moved to Austria where he became a premier defender of Germans. He performed many amazing feats.

Prince Eugene as a young man, spent some time at the court of the French King and he noticed their frivolity – translation: childishness really – in a place of high power, and Eugene was utterly disgusted by it. He chose for himself a lifelong career in the military where he became the greatest general in Europe.

We, the European race, are really serious, no-nonsense people.

I fail to see how an elite composed of Jews, Blacks, gays, and all kinds of degenerates, acting like the fools and children and crybabies and greed pigs that they are, can actually INSPIRE OUR RACE or anyone else actually.

We are more demanding, serious, determined people.

And to be ruled by weak scum who will lie to the entire masses just to put a few more bucks in their own pockets – I find it impossible to believe that we, as a race, can last long under such a weak, feeble, pathetic, cowardly, greedy elite.

Our natural nature is to stand up and fight for ourselves. THAT IS WHO WE ARE. THAT IS HOW WE HAVE ALWAYS SURVIVED.

Our elite, through all our existence, was mostly composed of warriors – whether they were Chieftains or whether they were called Kings. But that is what our elite almost always was.

It is only now that our elite are a bunch of sneaky, greedy, weak filth. And now, for the first time in our history we can’t speak wrong or think wrong.

We are NOT living in our normal state I can tell you, and I can’t see how this can last.

This is NOT US and NOT WHO WE ARE. This system must be torn down. But I am happy to report that it is already hemorrhaging, bleeding and buckling. Soon we’ll be able to kick this disgusting structure down.

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