Hitler & Napoleon were right: It is impossible to respect a greedy, selfish money grubber … but you can respect a warrior!

You can slice it how you like it, but it is humanly impossible to RESPECT or look up to people whose main claim to fame is what is sitting in their bank accounts. As I was reading more about Napoleon in other people’s memoirs from the time, I tell you it’s the same as Hitler. Hitler basically predicted that the future the Jews want is one where the entire world is just a business – a sort of global shopping mall – which is where we are at now. And Hitler failed to see how one could look up to such people.

In my reading of Napoleon in recent months, looking at really old writings about Napoleon by people who knew him personally and were involved in things with him, I noted time and again, Napoleon’s disgust with Jews, Bankers, Contractors and Jobbers. He gave reasons why these people were disgusting and why he detested them and thought they were the most disgusting classes of people in France. He pointed out that Jews will destroy a nation.

Napoleon, at the end of the day, had similar experiences as Hitler. Except that Hitler knew these things BEFORE HE RULED whereas Napoleon realised these things once he was ruling. Remember, Napoleon was a general who saved France. It was due to his ability to save France militarily that he got to rule the French. So his path to power was different to Hitler who was voted into power.

But in the end, Napoleon saw the same things. He developed a deep disgust, even a hatred, for some of these things. Napoleon had bad experiences with bankers and it seems he literally hated them. But it seems to me that with Napoleon, one can see that the most despicable people are these money-grubbing types. Not all of them. There are many people who work hard and do honest business. But these particular types I’ve mentioned, are the scum he came across, and he saw Jews as one of those groups of nation destroying garbage.

Hitler of course knew that the Jews are the root of the rot.

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