Hitler & Napoleon: Russians Vs Ukrainians: Russians can survive many mistakes – Ukrainians only have 1 CHANCE

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With regard to the Ukraine war, the Russians can make many mistakes and they can still survive and still win, either next year or even 10 or 20 years from now. The psychology of the Russians from their previous wars, is that they just keep on fighting no matter how wrong things go.

This happened during the French invasion by Napoleon, but it was even more true during WW2 when Hitler’s Wehrmacht went in there.

The Russians have a culture and a psychology to just keep on trying even if they make mistakes. Due to the size of Russia and it’s population, this has pulled them through many times – but not always.

But Ukraine is in a situation much like Hitler and the Germans or Napoleon and the French. They only have enough resources for ONE SHOT at this. They got lots of support from the West, but they only have ONE SHOT to really attack the Russians and if that fails or it delivers too little, then the plug will be pulled on them.

It may be a bit more complex because Poland for example, is very concerned about Ukraine losing. If Ukraine loses then the Russians are on the border of Poland. So the Poles are very hyped up over this and they’re throwing EVERYTHING they can into the fight. For Poland, Ukraine is a BUFFER STATE. And they WANT to keep a buffer between themselves and Russia. They have had Russians on their border before and they don’t want it again.

The Ukrainians will only get this ONE CHANCE to really try to get their territory back and if they screw it up, then Russia will still be there and Russia can either smash them in the future or dictate the terms of surrender to them.

I’ve picked up from many Ukrainians, that across Ukraine, the Ukrainians are very stressed about this offensive because this is their one and only chance.

We Whites in South Africa, we Boers will face the same situation in our future. If we are lucky, we will get one chance, and if we stuff it up … that’s our game over.

It is the Russians who can lose lots and lots of troops and throw men into battle and have them all killed and still Russia can continue.

The Russians can also have the viewpoint that if Ukraine wins now, that Russia was CHEATED OF IT’S RIGHTFUL VICTORY and they will be annoyed by it and want to attack Ukraine again in 2 years or 10 years or even 20 years from now.

This war is a very big issue and this war will define the Eastern border of Europe for the rest of our lives.

I do still wish Hitler had successfully seized all this territory in WW2. The Germans actually had much MORE than this territory which we see as Ukraine. They were much further to the east and the north actually. If they had won Europe or Germania would have been STRONGER than the modern USA! It would all have been part of EUROPE and the Western world.

We need to get Europe stronger. Russia and America BROKE EUROPE. That is a fact.

But there is other territory … our race can still expand!!! But that’s another topic.

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