History Reviewed Website’s Make-Over – Lift off!


White racists have been secretly at work! Here’s the new look of the website with the new header and logo! I hope you like it. The header look came from a Viking NAZI who was hard at work! Other ideas came from a British Racist!

I’ve kept things simple. There are many tweaks and improvements we need to make, but we’ll fiddle and tweak as time goes by. But this is the new look.

I’m also trying to make the site more phone friendly so I’m thinking of scrapping the right hand side bar in its entirety.

I’ve moved the comments to the bottom. I’ll need to rethink the categories – for now its a split between video on the left and articles on the right.

Feel free to make suggestions and comments.

From now on the site will be more variable as I fiddle more. There are things I want like the most popular posts as well as blasts from the past.

On the top right of the menu is a random article button you can try.

One thing I don’t like is a cloud tag. But we’re listening and look forward to your feedback. New pages and sections will be added to the website in the coming days too.

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