History Reviewed Channel Video Platform – Running a bit behind schedule & other feedback

I had really hoped that I could get my new video setup to work nicely by today and to begin rolling out lots of videos, especially the Rhodesian and South African stuff that people would like to see.

I had cracked the most critical technical problem last week and thought all was fine. But when I worked on it today a new nightmare popped up out of the blue. I really was quite shocked when something that I had researched all of a sudden turned into a nightmare. I wasted hours and hours trying to figure out a workaround and had totally given up when I eventually found that indeed it was doable. The whole exercise wasn’t a waste. It caused me to explore all sorts of possibilities I’d not thought of before. I really had wanted to get the first videos out today but I’m going to hit the sack. Apart from this single hiccough, everything was working nicely – very nicely in fact.

So I’m running a day late. I’ll have the first videos out tomorrow evening.

So bear with me… because videos like my interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Dr Hammond, JB Campbell, etc are all running way behind.

I’ve also been making new contacts. I’ll be doing an interview with Tara McCarthy in the UK. I’m so delighted that between Andrew and Tara I’m getting some additional exposure in the UK. I really regarded Britain as totally lost to white people.

I also got a contact in Knysna where there were massive fires and it looks as if blacks were responsible for burning down whites’ houses en masse in Knysna. But I need to dig more before I can say more.

There’s much to update you on. To my delight I also made a new Portuguese contact – someone who had been in Angola!

I got additional feedback on Jack Sen in the UK – and its all bad. Its from someone who really investigated him from top to bottom. All the feedback I’ve received re: Simon Roche just adds more and more questions about this guy. There’s no ways in hell this guy is friendly to whites here, especially Boers. Sen is also someone whose jumped on the bandwagon – but he’s not what he appears to be. Its astounding how people are jumping on this “white genocide in South Africa” bandwagon who are NOT our friends at all!!!

Britain is insane. I saw a news report that a Zimbabwean who committed a sex crime there could not be deported back to Zimbabwe. About 600,000 black middle class fled from Zimbabwe to the UK when Mugabe seized the farms of the whites – nobody ever mentions this – THAT MORE BLACKS FLED FROM ZIMBABWE THAN WHITES!! Also it makes an absolute joke of the Liberal theory that Blacks who are middle class will stand up for a country. NO!!! THEY WON’T! Whites stand and fight… BLACKS RUN!

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