Hideous: Congress busy with vengeance against Trump – Trump banned from flying – My Comments


[Here is an email from a lady in the USA whom I have known for almost 20 years. Here's her summary and my reply. Jan]

She wrote:
You were right: they are after Trump with more than a little vengeance. The congress now is trying to enact a bill that will forbid him or any of his children, descendants, from ever holding any political office, small or large, anywhere. Also the airline executives are forbidding Trump to fly in his own plane, saying he is on the no-fly list.

But you can bet he will turn up here and there and everywhere, ferried by his own patriot people with their private transportation. Since the left cut off his communication, they won’t even be able to keep their cameras on him.

Soon they will attempt to withhold food service or water, electric, from him. These people are very evil.

I replied:
Thanks for the update.

I found that a group of computer data specialists including an ex NSA guy have studied the PUBLIC DATA from websites of the election and using PUBLIC DATA from Govt and news websites (e.g. NY Times) they can prove that there were BIG SPIKES of unexplained election fraud.

Did you see the video I put out about Trump’s banned speech? If not I can send you a link to share.

Also, the key group, I’ve discovered, is a thing called THE LINCOLN PROJECT. These may be the sons of bitches who are linked, somehow to the rigging.

They raised $78 million, and they are sophisticated and they have said they will make Trump’s life hell. The leader of it is a guy called Schmidt.

I think the Police should be investigating their links to the election fraud.

Take care

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