Help start the WHITE REVOLUTION! – Whites on the roll in: Canada, Australia, Sweden & Brazil

[Here are some cool comments from someone I know in Canada. Whites … just push for WHITE REVOLUTION… EVERYWHERE. We're sick to death of this anti-White crap that's coming at us from all side. F*ck those who don't like our race. We have as much right to exist as anyone – If not more in fact. Let's not take this shit any more. Jan]

Here’s some cool stuff from a Canadian supporter of mine:

The world wide revolution against tyranny has just started. Truckers are now moving in Australia, Sweden and Brazil. This is only the beginning. Maybe it was started by a few white men but others will join in. This tyranny has to stop. I have not needed anyone to run my life in the past and I do not need some pesky guy like T. to tell me how to live my life now.

Fuck Trudeau is the modern expression in Canada.

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