Help! PDF to Voice reading software – Especially for a Phone


Last year I got myself a Windows Lumia phone. I got a piece of software called Tucan Reader which could open PDF files. Then to my amazement I discovered that it could read a PDF as voice and I used it like crazy. It was the most awesome piece of software I’ve had on a phone.

But my phone had to be wiped clean and a new operating system had to be installed because of other things that stopped working. When I reinstalled the Tucan Reader I found it crashing a lot and not option for reader PDFs.

I’ll fiddle with my phone more. But this is a feature I was crazy about and now I miss it more than ever.

I also have an Android phone.

If any of you know of software that can read a PDF file as voice please let me know. Just let me know what software and which devices it works on. Its something I found extremely useful especially on my phone. I would “read” books while driving, etc. It was fantastic.

Another option, if there is no software for a phone is this: Software which can read a PDF file and create an MP3 from it. I would find this extremely useful. Any advice is appreciated.

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