Has Bitchute’s comments system changed from Disqus?


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2005: S.Africa: Coffin industry booming due to AIDS
AIDS was killing Blacks a lot 20+ years ago. Coffin and related industries were booming across Africa, especially north of South Africa.

I was quite surprised when I was on Disqus, because people said something about them having switched away from Disqus to CommentFreely.

If anyone has more knowledge or comments on this, it is of interest to me.

Comments systems are important and my websites use Disqus.

But people have been complaining that the Jews are censoring and putting pressure on Disqus.

As always, the people of the lie can’t handle honest discussion so they must shut it up!

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Video: JEWS106: Jewish Complexity: Source of their BEST LIES!
This is a very important video I did. I have been wanting to tackle the topic of Jewish complexity for a long time, because I have noticed that some of the best Jewish Lies come from a bogus complexity that Jews introduce into everything.

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