Gun Permits Suspended In Several States and Counties Due to Coronavirus Panic – Jews at work


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While more and more government “services” are shutting down over COVID-19 fears, prospective gun carriers are left high and dry as several states and counties are unable to process applications for “permits” and “licenses” to carry concealed.

WTOV reports that Ohio County in West Virginia has suspended the permitting process until April 20th, “out of an abundance of caution.”

Belmont County in Ohio has suspended concealed carried appointments and background check appointments until further notice. However, “Sex offender registration will be continued with additional safety protocols in place.” They are hoping to re-open the CHL process next week.

Over in Colorado, Jefferson County has suspended all CHP appointments indefinitely as of Monday.

Of course New York is one of the most unfriendly states to Constitutional rights, and accordingly, Yates County has suspended all pistol permits until further notice.

In Oregon, apparently the entire system is down and CHL’s cannot be issued.

Clackamas County is now saying they are doing NO CHL transactions.While many of their renewals are done online, they…

Posted by Oregon Firearms Federation on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Some Sheriffs are asserting some common sense and “using discretion” when dealing with expired CHL’s, such as Grant County’s Glenn Palmer, who went viral several years ago opposing anti gun legislation. He is pushing for an extended grace period of those with expired CHL’s.

Posted by Glenn Palmer on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, attorney Joshua Prince is contemplating lawsuits against sheriffs and state agencies that are effectively denying citizens their rights.

This is probably only a small sampling of the jurisdictions who have shut down CHL/CCW/LTC/WhateverIt’sCalledInYourState processing. The national background check is so overwhelmed that the FBI is considering shutting it down.

Bearing Arms notes that this is not a cancellation of the conceal carry permits themselves, but simply the appointments for new carriers or those renewing theirs. If you have a valid permit, then you’re good to go. For now.


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