Greatest novelist of all time: British Agatha Christie: The Anti-Defamation League protested her portrayal of Jews.

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The disgusting Jewish ADL even went after Agatha Christie!

  1. The Anti-Defamation League protested her portrayal of Jews.

Christie’s works are filled with derogatory references toward Black, Asian, Italian, Native American and Arab peoples. Jewish people don’t fare well either; Christie generally depicts them as hook-nosed and money-grubbing. At one point, the Anti-Defamation League penned a letter objecting to her apparent anti-Semitism. Though the letter was reportedly never shown to her, it prompted her agent to give permission to her U.S. publishers to delete any distasteful passages about Jews and Catholics. Christie’s defenders dispute the racism charge, claiming that although some of her characters use racial epithets, these characters tend to be portrayed negatively overall.


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