GoyimTV: What happened? – NeonCrusader & Alicia Frischman – Eric Hunt – Smoloko

I have been trying to access GoyimTV several times since it’s been taken down. I think that GoyimTV’s domain has been revoked. I think that’s what’s happened to it.

It sure would be interesting to follow up on what is happening to whites who are under attack. There is so much that disappears into silence.

I think one of the better creators of Holocaust exposes was Eric Hunt. I think that was his name. The Jews must have done quite a number on him. I used to be in touch with him. He also ended up in court. They even said he assaulted some Jew. He did The Last Days of the Big Lie.

I never heard from Alicia Frischman about her website NeonCrusader which is down. The last I heard the Jews were hunting down Scottie of Smoloko.com and he was in court several times.

I have wondered if Alicia has perhaps chosen to get out of the way of being a target. That would be very understandable. Jews try to ruin white’s lives.

JEWISH TERROR… against normal whites … Jews… the most despicable of people.

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