Gov. Hochul admits NY courts SINGLED OUT TRUMP for prosecution

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The recent New York ruling against Donald Trump that resulted in a $355 million fine for real estate development crimes has scared many other real estate developers in similar situations. In an attempt to keep them from fleeing the state in fear, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) issued a statement informing them that the ruling is specific to Trump and will not affect them at all.

In an interview, Hochul explained that there is "nothing to worry about" in terms of any other real estate developments involved in similar schemes being hit with a massive fine as the ruling against Trump was strictly political.

Hochul appeared on "The Cats Roundtable" on WABC 770 AM with John Catsimatidis, who asked her if other New York businessmen involved in shady real estate dealings should worry because if "they can do that to the former president, they can do that to anybody."

"I think that this is really an extraordinary, unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior," Hochul reassured Catsimatidis’ listeners.

Every NY business owner except Trump is honest, Hochul says
In case you missed it, a New York judge ruled that Trump must pay more than a quarter of a billion dollars in penalties in a civil fraud case concerning his inflating and deflating of his real estate development portfolio. In short, Trump was found guilty of altering his net worth in order to receive tax and insurance benefits.

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Judge Arthur Engoron found that Trump, the Trump Organization and various top executives at Trump’s businesses, including his sons, must all be held liable for fraud in the matter.

"You do not want me as governor to be telling judges that I’m going to overrule their decisions. We need a clear separation of powers," Hochul said, indicating that she has no plans to overrule Engoron’s decision. "That’s what was envisioned by our Founding Fathers."

Concerning the rest of New York’s business sector, Hochul emphasized that they need not worry because the prosecution is strictly for Trump and his businesses and associates.

"By and large, they are honest people and they’re not trying to hide their assets and they’re following the rules," Hochul declared.

"And so, this judge determined that Donald Trump did not follow the rules. He was prosecuted and truly, the governor of the state of New York does not have a say in the size of a fine, and we want to make sure that we don’t have that level of interference."

Other matters Hochul discussed during the interview include her personal vendetta against riders of e-bikes, scooters and cyclists, whom she plans to punish so "you’re not going to get hit by one of these errant scooters or cyclists."

"What she’s really saying is reassuring other business owners that they don’t have to worry because this was selective prosecution of a political opponent, not standard procedure," wrote a commenter on a news story about Hochul’s statements concerning the Trump case and its implications for other New York business owners.

"100%," responded another. "Letitia James (New York’s attorney general) quite literally campaigned on ‘getting Trump.’ Hopefully more businesses flee the state and conservative tourist dollars go elsewhere, as well."

"Trump for years did business in NYS with no problem and owned some of the biggest buildings in NYC and never had a problem," wrote another. "These people are targeting him. Selective prosecution."


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