Good News: Someone Posted about Fake Jew Holocaust on Trump’s Truth Social and Twitter

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The Boer State Party
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[A White lady sent me a screenshot of a video she posted on Truth Social and Twitter – exposing the Jewish holocaust lie – and it was allowed on both! Jan]

I wrote to her:
This is very good. And I’m amazed you got it on to Truth Social and Twitter. You’re causing me to wonder about Truth Social. Please let me know if you can talk openly on Truth Social about Jews and Blacks. If that is allowed, I might return. Twitter has banned my ass off. I’ve tried creating new accounts but they catch me out. They have all my details. And they email me copies of some excellent naughty tweets I did about Jews in 2015!!!! So Twitter is no go for me. But if Truth Social allows free speech, then I’ll take a look. Please keep me in the loop. It’s important that Whites push and shove and do anything to get the message out. WE ARE FAR FROM BEING DEAD!

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