GOOD NEWS: Comparing Liberal Vs Conservative/Right Wing Social media: Twitter, Parler & Gab – Also: Youtube & Bitchute


I did a quick investigation into the Twitter-type of social media that we have, to see how they are doing.

Twitter has been very nasty for several years now, in banning Whites. I was banned twice I think and Alex was banned between 5-8 times.

Twitter’s ranking on the Internet is #46. So it is huge. In the USA it is ranked #35.

Parler did a massive jump from a rank from #4,500 to #1,572 starting a few days after the fraudulent election. It’s rank inside the USA is #212.

Gab also made quite a big jump from #8,400 to #6,812 also immediately after the election. It’s rank inside the USA is #2,664.

So Parlet and Gab are not big competition for Twitter. But, also keep in mind that both are very new. Parlet has only been around since 2018.

From these rankings it is not possible to determine the numbers of people using it.

However, I will say that Parler is not small. Even Gab is pretty impressive. They may be much smaller than Twitter, but they are competition and they are definitely here to stay. Definitely. It definitely gives some kind of niche and provides some kind of competition.

Even if the Liberals try to censor parler, the fact is that it has great momentum.

This is like the competition between JewTube and Bitchute.

Bitchute has come a long distance.

The bottom line is that the MONOPOLY OF TWITTER AND YOUTUBE has been breached. And from here onwards it is a fight. They have shot themselves in their foot and now they have competition.

Furthermore, Youtube’s banning of 8,000 channels, and lots of videos about election fraud will only serve to push Bitchute and other video platforms forward.

The (((Liberal))) Mass Media now has real competition. It’s still small by comparison, but it is BIG, and you can count the people in their millions or tens of millions who are going there. So the (((Liberals))) are BLEEDING! It is the beginning of their end.

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