Germany: Holocaust Denial: Tyranny and Torture against Alfred Schaefer


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We are in a war. Alfred Schaefer is a Prisoner of War, in a jail in Occupied Germany. The snakes are upping their game, and what they are doing to Alfred amounts to arbitrary tyranny and torture. I just received a scanned copy of a recent letter from Alfred to a friend in Germany – mail moves much quicker within the country than the time it takes for the snails to swim across the ocean.

They are trying to break this man — why? — because he is “Worst Case”, according to the Press in Germany. If you are called “worst case” by those who tell the lies, then that makes you Best Case Truth Teller. The real criminals fear men like Alfred, because they fear the truth being told.

The jail guards periodically do a raid on his cell that is not like a normal cell search, but more like a bomb raid. Then after they bring him back into the cell, they laugh. This time they stole his postage stamps, to try to silence him. They took away his evidence for his upcoming new Muppet Show aka trial that is coming this summer. As far as I know, the Inquisition will address his “crime” of showing some prison buddies in the courtyard how high his dog Pavlov can jump.

They are trying to break Alfred, but Alfred does not break.

Some background: Alfred has been in solitary confinement since December 3rd, 2020. That was done to him because of his insistence on breathing freely. Please read Corona Tyranny: Alfred Schaefer in the Mask War for the full story on that. It is gripping.

The image shows the back of the envelope of Alfred’s recent letter to a German Patriot. The letter, which I have translated into english, follows.

Alfred tells postie that the Stasi stole his stamps, and to please forward the letter without a stamp, that as a Prisoner of War he has the right to send and receive letters. Second part: after a battle, they returned some of the stolen stamps.


Dear [German Patriot],

First of all, thank you for your latest letter.
I am rendered speechless what is going down here. They have put the spurs to me again, laid me across the anvil and struck with full force. [Alfred is speaking metaphorically here.]

My cell was completely devastated. During 3 hours that I was put into another cell, 2 or 3 screws took every single bit of paper out of every single envelope, shelf, binder, and including out of a box that I had sorted to go into the storage, really everything, absolutely everything pulled apart. They stole all my postage stamps so that I would finally be silenced. But little do they know me. Actually I think they do all this to finally arouse the indignation of even the brainless, castrated do-gooders.

No problem, we are doing our best. They also achieved a feat with the Consulate incident a few months ago. They just want to prove that they’re still on it. They even stole the evidence for my upcoming trial on August 5, the new Muppet Show 2021. Hey, are they still sane?

Israeli “freedom activist” Uri Avneri – his most important statement that I can remember goes something like this: “Israel is like a big breeding ground for a virus that it spreads to all the world. That virus is ‘antisemitism’. The Jews thought they had a safe haven for when everyone hates the Jews, but the opposite is true. If they want to hide there, then the world will come and hit them there. The world will ask itself, who has caused all this? It is obvious, and there is no hiding anymore.”

Those wise words are approximately how the Jew, Uri Avneri wrote them, around the time of the first Gulf War against Iraq. He knew that at some point, things will not go well anymore. And today, with the CORONA rat poison for 7 billion people, the Jews know it.

Israel Shahak, Jewish Professor, died shortly before Jews did 9/11. His main thesis was that it is always the craziest, most radical Jews who expect all the others to fall into line. This behaviour always leads to more Jews being killed by Jews than by non-Jews. This time it could go differently, when the Corona vaccine dead and sick comprehend that they are being murdered, slow and agonizing — there will be a reaction. For the dead ones, it will be too late. Others, rightfully, will say “you injected my child and for that you will die”. Cheers.

That is why it doesn’t matter to me if they kill me here, then I don’t have to listen to the whining anymore, for the Jews do not stop on their own.

OK, let’s see if this letter reaches its destination, without postage stamps, because the Stasi stole them all. Shame on you Stasi. Thank you Stasi for this story.♥


Something just occurred to me about our situation here, and I’ll say it like this – Story Time:

On your stroll through the city you come across a Negro who is raping a 5-year old little German girl. You ask him politely what is he doing, as the girl is screaming. He replies in a calm voice, “I’m giving her my Lolli, it is good for her.”

You: “Don’t you hear her screaming?”
Him: “That has nothing to do with it.”

That is about how the program is running worldwide, especially against Whites, with the “COVID-19” rat poison genocide.

When doctors lose their job because they asked the Negro what he is doing with the child address the problems with the injection √, that would be like if you were now punished by all the Negros for daring to bother one of them while he was raping the little girl.

Since we know that the Jews control all MSM, and all pillars of the government right up to the U.N., everything is crystal clear. Why did the U.N. never say a word about the Jew’s 400 nuclear bombs? Why does the Negro not admit that he is raping the little girl, rather he prattles “she likes my Lolli”.

During these times, everyone must choose a side and take responsibility and bear the consequences. I despise the people who pretend to be stupid so as not to lose their “job” for the Jews. Those are the worms, attached to the belly of the snake that is eating itself up.

Israel Shahak, Israeli Professor, wrote books, one of which was “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The weight of Three Thousand Years”. He said that Jews hate themselves more than they hate the people.

The Jüdische Rundschau (monthly German-language Jewish newspaper) proved that with an excellent article on 1.1.2021. “Wie Anetta Kahane in der DDR Juden denunzierte” The article talks about the SED-Dictatorship and about “fighter against antisemitism” and so on. What is happening now, in any case, is that which all Jew-wise people have known since a long time already – the snake is eating itself. The worm stuck to the underbelly of the snake has no future. (What is the standing of the worms under Anetta Kahane’s belly, if her own Jewish brethren are portraying her as a brazen criminal. Jews would love to murder this Anetta themselves.) I won’t stand in their way.

A quote from Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” For example: Covid rat poison vaccine is good. Or: she likes my Lolli down there.

Alfred Schaefer

Consulate Story

Twice per year, an expat prisoner in Germany has the right to be visited by their Consulate, in this case the Canadian Consulate. The Consulate’s responsibility is to check on his health and how the prisoner is being treated. Alfred speaks very highly of the Canadian Consulate in Munich, and so these twice/year visits are very important to him. A few months ago, when one of these “visits” was to take place via the telephone (because of the scamdemic) the prison staff displayed rather insane behaviour. That prompted me to write the following letter to the jail boss, which I have translated for this article.

Monika Groß
Director, JVA Landsberg
Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg am Lech


RE: Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer

My brother, Alfred Schaefer, is incarcerated at Landsberg. He is a peaceful man and has not committed any violent crime, and is jailed solely for his peacefully-expressed views. I am telling you this only to make it perfectly clear that my brother is not a violent nor a dangerous man.

Isolation and Bunker

Alfred Schaefer was forcibly taken to the Bunker on 3.12.2020, because of his resistance to wearing the mask. It is torture to be kept in such conditions. Is it now commonplace in Germany to torture prisoners?

A few days ago the Canadian Consulate in Munich was to have a telephone conversation with Alfred. This call was cut off shortly after it began, because Alfred declined the mask.

The Right to a Consular Visit exists.

Currently these visits occur by telephone instead of in person. The conversation with the Consulate is normally private, just like a conversation with a lawyer would be private in jail. But yet, there was a guard in the room, behind plexiglass. So it was not private. Fine. But additionally, this guard demanded that Alfred put his mask on, even though this conversation was taking place over the telephone and the guard was behind a plexiglass barrier!

It seems like a bad movie. It is pure arbitrary nonsense. Or is the goal to break the spirit?

One can hardly be understood through a mask over the phone and nobody else was in the room other than the distanced guard behind a barrier. How would it make sense, under those circumstances, to be forced to wear a mask?

Cutting this Consular telephone visit was completely illegal. Please correct this matter, by contacting the Consulate for them to make another appointment ASAP.

Even if this Corona Virus was an actual pandemic, this complaint would be completely legitimate. Even if a mask could stop a dangerous virus, and even if it made sense to stop people from having contact with one another to protect them from this epidemic, even if social distancing and mask guidelines protected the people, then this complaint would still be valid. Because — there was distance, there was separation, and Corona viruses cannot be transmitted over the telephone, as far as we know.

The bigger topic is this — there is no Covid-19 pandemic. All these measures are completely nonsensical, and there are thousands of doctors, nurses, biologists and other scientists who tell us that we are being lied to. Normal flu, colds, old-age symptoms, heart failure, cancer and many other conditions have been called Covid-19. Healthy people who test “positive” from the PCR test are called “cases”. The PCR test is not a legitimate diagnostic tool for illness. There are many false positives.

There is clearly something else at play.

But, again, the complaint is valid either way.

The episode with the Canadian Consulate was the last straw, and it underlines the arbitrary torment of my brother. The world is watching what is going on in the Landsberg prison. It does not look good.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Monika Schaefer

Here is contact information, should you feel inclined to express your thoughts to the director and assistant director at the prison.

The Director’s name is Monika Groß. The assistant director is Dr. Harald Eichinger. Here is an email address: poststelle or send it in the mail to:

Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg am Lech

I would also like to remind folks that letters and cards to prisoners are very much appreciated – they are a lifeline – so please do write to Alfred. He is on the front line of this war. He is fighting for us all. His mailing address (only the physical address please, not the email!) is as above.


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