Germans are AWESOME!!!

I’m hardly even beginning to touch on this topic. My few little videos are almost nothing … they do not even touch on one ten-thousandth of the reasons why Germans are awesome. Furthermore, I am so sick to death of hearing the endless Jewish hatred and lies about the Germans which is followed by the downplaying of German achievements at any time by the British, and on odd occasions by Americans too.

I got a most annoying email from an old American regarding my statement about Germans inventing space travel. He had the gumption to say to me: “You are starting to lose credibility” because you don’t mention the work of the American Goddard. So what followed were a few angry email exchanges with him.

I said to him I’m fully aware of Goddard’s work on rocketry. But that does NOT in any way diminish the incredible German successes in rocketry especially with the V2. (I have a lot more to say on German excellence and awesomeness – but we’ll get to that in other videos). I said to him, that German V2 work was beyond belief. In fact, Churchill’s top science advisor said that the intelligence reports on German rockets could not be true because building liquid fuel rockets of that kind WERE IMPOSSIBLE!!! Here’s a scientist saying it is IMPOSSIBLE! But the Germans were doing it. They invented the supersonic ICBM. Furthermore, in an age before modern electronic computers they even had to work out some method of directing this super-fast missile over long distances.

But there’s more. I’ve even come across references, but I don’t know the original sources or detail, so if anyone has more, I’m very interested in this. I came across a reference where they said that once Americans had the V2 rockets and everything the Germans had built, that the American rockets were all exploding! So despite having everything in front of them, the Americans still could not build rockets that could work the way the Germans did. So that’s when they pulled out guys like Werner Von Braun and others and PUT THEM IN CHARGE! So the joke was that it was only when a German NAZI was running the projects could the American rockets fly without exploding. Von Braun went on to be the blue eyed boy of NASA with the Apollo moon rocket which Americans boast of as the most complex machine EVER BUILT.

I was extremely annoyed by this old American trying in “the English/Jewish” way to downplay German achievements which were absolutely awesome beyond belief. I’m not even mentioning the incredible number of V2’s the Germans managed to build underground and fire while the whole world was trying to blow them to hell.

The stupid rocket argument is similar to this one, if someone was idiotic enough to make it: German Panzers weren’t really a big deal because the British invented the tank in WW1. So what is so great about what the Germans did?

Among the many things about the Germans you also NEVER hear them mention is the lack of materials the Germans had. The Germans did not sit with the vast resources of the USA. They often had to build weapons when the very materials they needed were not even available. Another achievement almost beyond belief is when the Germans, on the bones of their asses decided to build a single engined jet fighter at a time when they lacked metals to work with so they began designing a wooden jet fighter. The only problem they could not solve was to invent a glue strong enough otherwise they would have had that weapon.

In one of my videos I mentioned the German tanks. The “massive German armoured forces” of the French campaign were tiny little tanks, many armed with only machineguns that would not even be classed as tanks by many. The Stuka is another example of a “powerful” weapon which was in fact totally OBSOLETE at the start of the war. The Stuka was so useless and so slow that whenever they were confronted by fighters they were shot out of the sky in numbers. The Germans had such a shortage of material, yet they did not complain and they went into battle with all sorts of weapons that nobody else would even try. They won, not because they had the unbelievable mass of machinery that the Russians and American had. They won because the many many things they lacked in equipment they made up for with incredible bravery, bold initiative, iron discipline and extremely sharp and ingenious minds. Germans succeeded time and again in situations where everyone else would have flunked out in the same situation. What they lacked physically they made for with SPIRIT that was utterly superhuman. We’ve not seen that kind of spirit since Napoleon or the Roman Empire. The Germans had the same determination as the Romans.

The truth about WW2 is that the good people DIED and the EVIL lived unharmed to go on to tell even greater and bigger lies than ever before. The evil filth lived and went on to mislead the entire world and to even lead our race to the verge of destruction where we are now. That’s the truth about “World War 2”. These were only WORLD WARS because the evil Jews managed to suck Americans into a project to interfere in European wars twice.

I see that now its claimed that the USA has ten illegal military bases in Syria. I watch America’s overrated military running around the world to kill for the Jews. I still don’t think much of America’s military. I smile when I see how much the US Military costs to run. Inefficiency always makes me smile. It always gives me hope.

Here are a few videos I’ve done regarding Germans and Germany that you might enjoy:

Video: Awesome Creativity of Germans and the White Race
We discuss the incredible creativity of Germans when facing difficult problems – no matter the condition. It is a general attribute of all whites. We also discuss the awesome nature of Africa where Blacks starve and die in the midst of the most richly endowed continent on the planet.

You can view the video here:

Video: A German Superman: Panzer Commander Hermann Balck
Hermann Balck is the greatest operational commander on the German side in WW2. He achieved unmatched success in battles. His Panzer Division pulled off unbelievable tactical successes. Napoleon would have approved of all of the actions of this man. This is just one of thousands of geniuses produced by NAZI Germany under Adolf Hitler. Yes, indeed, whites are supermen, but the best supermen of the white race are… the GERMANS! Learn from them!

Here’s a German news reel about Balck from 1944:

You can view the video here:

Video: Ostfront- General der Panzertruppen Balck auf seinem Gefechtsstand (September 1944)
This is a German news reel from 1944 wherein the incredible Hermann Balck was mentioned.

You can view the video here:

Video: The Two Emperors of the White Race
Napoleon & Hitler: Why did they succeed? I analyse & give the background to the ONLY 2 white men who united most of Europe & ruled most whites in the last 200 years. What were these men actually like and what sparked their tremendous ambition? It turns out that Hitler was confident of his abilities all along whereas Napoleon wasn’t. How Napoleon came to realise that he was destined for greatness is a strange story indeed. Both of these great men also suffered from “the woman problem”. In some respects they were similar and in other respects not. My view is that Napoleon was the Warrior, and Hitler was the Politician. This may surprise you.

You can view the video here:

Video: Two White Emperors: The awesome RedNeck German King Frederick
Whites, get some focus & energy! Stop whining. Start resisting. This is a quick look at King Frederick the Great of Prussia. It is the wild actions of this descendent of a redneck who was the motivating force behind Hitler and Napoleon. It was this man whom both Hitler and Napoleon had incredible admiration for. This was a king, but he was no ordinary king. This wasn’t a wuss like the British Royalty. This king lived and fought like no king had done in centuries. It was this king and his kingdom of Prussia who set the scene for the creation of a new country: Germany.

You can view the video here:

Video: How Churchill made Americans hate Germans! Parts 1-3

Video: Jews & Germans: My Furious Email to famous Author and Editor of BIG Newspaper!
You can view the video here:

6 thoughts on “Germans are AWESOME!!!

  • 25th July 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Thank you!

  • 24th July 2017 at 2:11 am

    Gruß aus Deutschland, Kamerad!

  • 23rd July 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Right now, the jews have built the greatest, most fantasic weapon of all time. It is a worldwide, mass famine device called the 2 quadrillion dollar derivatives market…the opening of the credit floodgates, then the securitization of all that worthless debt, and then the replacement of all real wealth, with these worthless securities, is the main weapon today. The fact that it has been the jews to prolifeate all the degenerate vices, and mass polarizations in this society, are primed to reduce us to a war of all against all, while they flee yet again, only this time to the world’s last isolated spot. BC Canada. Do your research on BC Canada. It is where the little grubby fuckers are going to go after they collpase the world’s markets, which include the hated Germans, Russians, etc. To the jew…we in the west are all decendants of the hated Romans, and to the east, they are are decendants of the hated persians. It may very well be the case that Asian nuclear weapons may actually be the thing that saves us. When they find out the scope of this jew-scam on the rest of the world, the jews new homeland in hyperborea may very well get nuked. Let us hope…

  • 23rd July 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I believe you are partly on the right track. Throughout all of history, the central theme is that social systems fight for survival against other social systems, thus we get our rights, within our particular social systems, by our militaries, and the effectiveness of their leadership, soldiers and weapons systems, however, social systems do not get these critical things without first having a solid, intelligent, organized socail system backing them up, so in the end the cohesion of the social system, centered around military awareness is the true reality, which of course is the main thing the jews have systematically suppressed for centuries. The terms for the world’s warfare processes have changed over time, but some of our modern thinkers, such as John J. Mearsheimer, who wrote “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics” have aptly described humanities military dichotomy as a “security dilemma” which places the military security we need against other nations competing against us for finite resources, as the sole and ulitmate concern of humanity. We get our rights today, and throughout all of history from soldiers swinging swords…not nailed to them. The jews, who are an ancient war tribe, in every way, know this better than anyone else and fight with all might to keep it out of the minds of the rest of mankind.
    Once you remove the jews false operating system from your harddrive, and have the grand epiphany, the new operating system comes rushing in, and the entire jew-construct collapses.
    The main jewish psy-ops weapon, or the core of their ability to conquer us, has been the development of “individualism”. This is a ultimate divide and conquer system. They have invented both religious and pseudo-scientific systems, all centered on the creation and maitainence of the “individual” mind. The two main religious psy-ops weapons, christianity and islam isolate the individual from hs fellows, reduce his focus on his relationship with a god that simply isnt there, and then transfer the value of life, not in this world, but after death, which of course is of no use to use here, right now. Both systems place jews at the pinnacle, and have done nothing but created “optional” moral/ethical standard, whcih the jees have been able to circumvent. In essence, the jews have created an antagonist/protagonist system, then become the antagonist, and then as each isolated individual falls into one trap or the other, is destroyed, one at a time, as a personal failure. In short, it is the jews that have created our destructive environment by playing the antagonist (devil) and then blaming each individual for behaving badly in it. It has been a brilliant metaphysical set-up, and is the main reason they have been able to control the world since before the dark ages, of which we have never left.


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