German Book: The Biological Law of Gravity – Rise & Fall of Civilisations – by Eckart Knaul


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[I was reading an old message from a reader of my website. It is about civilizations and is fascinating to me. Jan]

The Reader wrote:
Hello Jan,

I just watches your video and I salute you for it. Your conclusions are absolutely correct and I have been doing some research on this topic lately. The more you dig into this phenomenal subject the more fascinating it gets and the more sensible our current situation becomes.

Currently I am reading a book called "Das biologische Massewirkungsgesetz", its a German book from 1980 and could be translated to "The biological law of gravity". The author of this book claims that the global intelectual and moral decline is due to the ingenious achievements of our grandfathers. Those achievement led to almost perfect life conditions for everybody and good life conditions are breeding ground for dumb, lazy, degraded and both intellectually and morally inferior people.

In other words people do not have to struggle to survive and the inferiors are being pampered and supported without any contribution whatsoever. What we witness is cultural decline similar to late Babylon, Rome, Greece and so on. Things must be smashed to the ground before the inferior disappear and the strong are rewarded.

BTW: I agree with your German friend claiming that our IQ could have plummeted by at least 20 points, I`d say. Moreover it has been pretty much always prior to 1945 an established fact all over the world that all skills, character and intelligence are aprox. 85% hereditary and only (if any) 15% "environmental".

Kindest regards from Germany.

Keep up the excellent work.

Yours truly, B

My Reply:
Thank you very much for writing to me.

I have had lots of problems since I was banned and that included email problems and being able to reply properly to people. So my apologies for only getting back now after such a long time!

It is always nice to get a message from Germany, and its better still when I see that there is "intelligent life" in Germany!!!!

That German book that you mention "The biological law of gravity" is fascinating. I went and looked it up. There are so many books in European languages which I wish could be translated to English.

I could add something to your thoughts:
Last year, when I was in the USA, I saw in one man’s book collection, a book about blacks written about 150 years ago. According to the observations of the whites of that time, they were CERTAIN, that blacks would go extinct and that they were incapable of surviving against the "stronger" European race.

Now here in Africa, if you study what happened here, the only reason that blacks came to be so many is because of the white man. We were especially effective with saving their lives through our medicines. Then, we also stopped them from dying from starvation because we produced so much food. We did these things because the blacks were our cheap labour. But in so doing, we took a worthless people and looked after them so well, and managed them so well that they now vastly outnumber us and even threaten us.

If we had left it to nature their population would now be much the same as it was when we arrived here. But instead, thanks to our Western system, their population growth went exponential.

If it were not for us and our civilisation, the blacks would be nothing and whites could take over this entire continent as we had before.

I also believe that the Jews love white civilisation because life is so easy and that is why the majority of them do not go to Israel. They may hate us, but they LOVE the benefits of our civilisation.

I found this english write up which seems to be of this book. Is this an accurate summary of the book? :

I would be more interested in this book. Is there a German book review of this book on the Internet, which I can then translate?

It is so sickening to me, that the English language has become the language of the Jew, and that many brilliant thoughts, not only from Germany, but also other parts of Europe are lost to the English speakers in our race.

Jews of course deliberately stop any kind of thinking which they see as "racist" because they know eventually whites will put the focus on them!

I would like to know more about what the author says. You are most welcome to send me further thoughts. I find this fascinating.

I did a lot of research into Professor Carroll Quigley, who wrote about civilisations as well. He, being a Liberal/Christian made some definite errors. But he was still pretty amazing and his line of thinking ends up pushing Liberalism and the Rich.

I would love to compare notes between what Quigley wrote and this German author. I am very interested in the German author’s mechanisms that make a civilisation rise and fall. Does he attribute the rise and fall to IQ?

My German friend said that he is convinced that Germans lost 30 IQ points compared to what they were before WW2.

BTW, did the German author also write this book: Rome: A World Power Biologically influenced? See:

I can’t find a copy of it anywhere, but it seems to be in English. I would love to read that! Anything he wrote in English would be of great interest to me, because I’m way to retarded to read German – sadly.

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