George Washington’s Slave List Includes White Slaves – My Comments


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[Slavery was used all throughout history. The Ancient Greeks and Romans and others had slaves. But I think their slaves also included Prisoners of War. If you conquered people you could enslave them. So all this cry baby nonsense that Jews and Liberals have stoked in the USA to get the Blacks all worked up with hate towards the whites is vastly overdone. What is also not mentioned is that Blacks in Africa were hunting down other Blacks to SELL AS SLAVES. There was an Empire in West Africa where its entire economy was based on nothing but slavery. Whites did not go into Africa to catch the slaves themselves. The Blacks were bringing the slaves to the Whites and Jews for sale. And then of course there's the issue of the ship owners being Jews! The real issue in the USA is simply Jews and Communists and Liberals who are playing the race card against White Americans. There is no doubt that these filthy scumbags are out to CREATE RACIAL CONFLICT in the USA. The best time to study that from what I can tell is the 1960s. At the same time that they were getting the so-called "Liberation wars" going in Africa, the Jews and Communists were also trying to get Black terrorism and violence going in the USA. All these things are forgotten now. And how about the many Whites who ended up as slaves for the Muslims in the Ottoman Empire? In the Ottoman Empire, the Jews enjoyed a good life with the Muslims. And White men and women were slaves, or even used as sex slaves. The Muslims would kidnap Whites from the shores of the Mediterranean sea. This went on for centuries. Jan]

Did you know? George Washington owned white slaves, in addition to the negro slaves.

This article does not say much about white slaves, but does contain this statement:

"The lists of tithables also include the names of indentured white servants and other whites living on the farms, including GW’s overseers and managers."

Washington’s Slave List, June 1799 (

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