Black Genocide in America … The total extermination that awaits Black Americans…


I quietly chuckle to myself many times. And one thing that makes me chuckle and smile quietly to myself is that while the Black Americans support the Blacks of Africa and they’re constantly in-the-face of White Americans … what they seem to be totally incapable of perceiving is the RAW REALITY … that they live among a race of White people who vastly outnumber them … are much better armed … and have the skill to use their weapons, and that the ONLY reason that Black Americans are still alive, is simply that the Whites of America just do not have the malice and the nasty hatred and anger that is needed to actually just go and switch off the lights of the Blacks for good.

I quite enjoy how utterly overconfident and idiotic these Black Americans are … totally comfortable in the belief that the Whites would never touch them. And for the most part, these Black Americans are correct.

And yes, Whites, even us Whites in Africa, did NOT set out to genocide "our Blacks" because they were our workers.

What Blacks everywhere are incapable of perceiving is that their usefulness could be running out and that thanks to Jews, there is more stress between races than ever existed in the past.

I am quite astounded that Black Americans never seem to have asked themselves this simple question: What if all these heavily armed Whites who surround us, were to turn on us, and corner us in our suburbs and homes and they set out with a will and determination to kill us all?

Black Americans never seem to have considered or thought of this idea. The idea never seems to have popped into their heads.

They are like someone who lives on the edge of a volcano, and they watch the volcano rumbling, say, like the Romans did at Pompei … and they see this monster rumbling… and they never seem to consider the possibility that it could bury them for once and for all.

White Americans on the other hand, as always, like all Whites, are very controlled and disciplined and "moral" to everyone, even those who definitely do NOT deserve it. And no White American would ever suggest that all the Blacks be slaughtered and removed from US soil for once and for all.

In fact, all US history is based on trying to willingly get the Blacks to leave, rather than shoving or kicking them out.

But if, somehow, White Americans were utterly enraged and unable to control their anger, the physical fact is, that they do have this power.

Now consider that Black Americans make up about, roughly 10% of the US Population. Compare this to White South Africans who make up 9% of the population of SA.

Now we in SA, we Whites, have perceived the utter malice and intent of the Blacks who are keen as hell to try to slit our throats and remove us for once and for all and they’ve spoken about it openly. They’ve spoken about how they would like to "chase the Whites into the sea". They have openly campaigned for a campaign of mass attack on us.

But in America, Black Americans who are in reality in the same situation as White South Africans, seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that they could share the same fate as Whites. They are aggressively, rudely, in the face of Whites who are by comparison a vast power.

If a worldwide racial war were to occur, and this is very hypothetical, but imagine if the Blacks of South Africa were to exterminate all of us Whites in SA, and imagine that the White Americans were racial and looked upon this and decided, as a quid pro quo, that if Blacks can exterminate all Whites in South Africa, then Whites now have the license to exterminate all Blacks in America.

This might be an extremely distant and unlikely event, but it could be, theoretically possible under certain conditions. It could be a racial tit for tat. It is theoretically possible though practically most unlikely.

And these Black Americans seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that they are like the Romans at Pompeii, living in the shadow of a volcano and that this volcano can bury them all. And they even openly taunt and spit in the face of this volcano at the behest of the Jews.

If the volcano were to erupt, the Blacks would be buried but the Jews would have fled on ships and planes. So it’s safe for the Jews to taunt the Whites since they have an escape plan, whereas the Blacks don’t.

Black Americans live on the edge of a volcano that they themselves stoke and mock and they seem utterly oblivious to the fact that, like a real volcano, it could just bury them.

I have watched many videos of Americans and how they are armed, and how they hunt, and I have been extremely impressed with the armaments of the common White Americans. Americans are very well armed and very adept at using their weapons, to the point of extreme excellence even. I have watched all kinds of hunting videos and see the deadly skill of the White Americans. White Americans are killers. They slaughter and kill to an amazing degree. And it’s a good old survival skill.

I one watched, in amazement as White men and women were even stabbing a hog in it’s heart. I was astounded to see such things. And I was awed and amazed by it and it made me smile to see my racial kin are so bold. I kid you not, I watched in awe as a White woman stabbed into the heart of a living hog and killed it. It amazed me.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the need were to arise, even in an America where Whites make up, even slightly less than 50% of the population, that Whites would clean everyone’s clock with the greatest of ease.

I’ve had a look at Black Americans and they for the most part, would be mine meat for determined Whites.

I have absolutely no doubt about their fate. I would estimate that if there was to be a White on Black attack in America, with just normal hunting weapons, that at the very most, the Blacks would not survive for even a few weeks. It’s not something I’ve war-gamed or sat down and done some military casualty calculations on, but I’d say they wouldn’t even last a month.

Now here in South Africa where we make up only 9% of the population, I have looked at the military aspect and studied it and thought about it for years to the best of my ability. And whereas I’d say the survival time for Black Americans would be less than a month (at the most), from the start to their total extinction, I would say the Whites in South Africa, though much worse armed, would achieve the total opposite.

If our Blacks tried to "drive us into the sea" and tried to fill the cities and fields with our stinking corpses … they would be sorely disappointed. We’ll be much tougher to dispose of. In fact, for the Blacks here to totally annihilate us is, in my view, totally impossible.

And if they were dumb enough to try, they would find that their corpses would vastly outnumber ours and that their dead would be piling up big time.

We in South Africa have had decades where we’ve been using violence against each other and we know our enemies and our own capabilities well.

But those over-confident, rude, arrogant Black Americans don’t seem to have realised that they live on the edge of a massive volcano, and if the Volcano God were to animate the volcano … that just as those Romans were buried in thousands of tons of rocks … so too, could Black America cease to exist, for once and for all.

They just don’t realise that they’re living among Tigers who could, in an instant put them in the ground.

Their stupidity and arrogance amazes me. And when I think of it, I quietly chuckle to myself at these simpletons.

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