General Robert E. Lee Vs General Grant – Their different characters


[One of my supporters, posted this comment, which makes for very interesting reading. I'm a big fan of Robert E. Lee – from the side of his military exploits. I admire a great general, and he was one of the finest to come out of the USA. Even Lincoln had originally asked him to command the union army, and he preferred to stand by his state of Virginia. He was a fine white man with principles, and was highly respected by his men. Jan]

The reader wrote:

General Lee abhorred Slavery. When Lee inherited Slaves he set them free. General Grant of the Union had Slaves and when he had to set them free, he went west and started murdering Indians en mass. Grant brought an old testament zeal to his work, killing everything in the state of Georgia including women, children and all the livestock. Grant was a monster while Lee a decent human being is being demonized.

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