GabPay is Live – My Comments


[Any method of getting around Paypal and the various disgusting methods that Jews and other Liberal scum have used to stop Whites from getting money is of interest to me. I'd appreciate feedback from people on GabPay and the Gab market or store or whatever it is called. But I'm very interested in seeing what GabPay does. Jan]

This is the email I got:

GabPay Is Live!

For the past year and a half we have been building GabPay, our free speech payment processor. GabPay is our answer to Paypal and Stripe’s financial censorship and deplatforming of Christians, Conservatives, and Dissidents. US users can now sign up and send money to anyone’s phone number or email address in seconds. We will be opening up internationally soon!

Here’s the link to it:

Here’s where you can sign up for it:

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