[I'm busy just fine tuning some of my new software, that I will shortly be putting on History Reviewed. I could not help but burst out laughing at this one. I've removed all the dangerous links so you can read the cheeky note.

I burst out laughing at the part that says: “However, I come to you in good faith…”
Bunch of cheeky bastards.
BTW, Google already sends virtually no traffic to my sites anyway. As if we need Google. Jan]

I am writing to you from You have ignored all of my previous emails and right now, we have started creating a tonne of spam backlinks from dirty porn, loan, viagra and Indian sites which will drown your site and get it deindexed from Google. However, I come to you in good faith and ask you to do the following in order for us to stop the spam attach on your website.

Like one of our videos, subscribe to our youtube channel.

Leave us a 5 star review on xxxx with some good words

Buy a product from our site.

Once you have done that, give us a shout and we will stop the spam attach on your site

X2 Emails Team

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