From Trump: TRIAL TO REMOVE MY NAME FROM THE BALLOT – My Comments: Short jail time for Trump soon

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[This is one of the latest emails from Trump. Trump's direct violation of the gag order is very interesting. His former White House lawyer says that a night or weekend in jail could be coming soon. I like the way Trump is fighting back and he's pushing the edge seriously. This is good. I'm liking what he's doing. Take a look at this, which is one of his most recent emails. Jan]

Trump wrote:

A lawsuit was filed in Colorado, urging the DEMOCRAT Secretary of State to REMOVE my name from the 2024 ballot.

This isn’t just an attack on me. This is an all-out assault on our democracy.

The Left is trying to block voters like YOU from having the right to choose the candidate you want for president – and, instead, automatically handing the “election” to Crooked Joe.

And now, it was just announced that the TRIAL to determine whether my name can appear on the ballot – or whether America is now a dictatorship where the ruling party can choose the candidates you get to vote for – is set to begin MONDAY.

I often say that 2024 is the most important election in the history of our country.

But the truth is, it may be the LAST ELECTION in the history of our country.

Because if the Left takes the White House in 2024 and finds that they can get away with their ruthless tactics with zero consequences, they will not stop there. Future elections will effectively be canceled and America will become a dictatorship where your president is decided for you.

This truly is our final chance to save America.

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