From Tanstaafl’s website: Did the Jews intermarry with the Prussian aristocracy?

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[One of my supporters found this. I'm not sure how true this is. I'll ask my Boer NAZI pal what he thinks. I thought the Prussian aristocracy were mostly military? Furthermore, after WW2 the Jews totally removed Prussia from the map. If they controlled the Prussian aristocracy, how could they allow that? 

So I'm a bit skeptical. I would like more info on this. 

Its like with British Royalty. They are so famous because they bow and kneel and work with the Rothschilds. Jan]

“The Enlightenment in Germany was heavily influenced by Jews. The salons- meeting houses where young German intellectuals and noblemen would gather to network and develop themselves intellectually- tended to be owned by Jewish magnates and hosted by their Jewish daughters. So Germany’s elites would gather there and end up hooking up with wealthy young Jewish women. It eventually led to basically the entire Prussian aristocracy being intermixed with Jews.”

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