From Matt Hale’s mom: CALL FROM MATT TODAY! 11/2/20 – How you can help Matt


[Just in from his mother. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: I received a call from Matt today! He is in good spirits! He said he is getting sunshine, exercising daily and getting good food from the commissary(thanks to your donations). He is asking that all of you send your form letter or the letters you write to the president, the pardon attorney and the attorney general because the time is crucial since the election is tomorrow. Trump may or may not be leaving office, either way, he can now commute Matt’s sentence. Matt is counting on you to help him NOW! Trump will be sending many inmates home. He has many "petitions for clemency" sitting on his desk that are going to be acted on. Branden sends you the form letters every week. Please send your letters!! Ms. H


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