From Jan: Been extremely hectic … haven’t replied to anyone… will begin replying…

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Video & Audio: How to think like a Genius Napoleons advice
Many Whites seem to be confused regarding skill and excellence. I look at some discussions Napoleon had in his final days regarding what exactly constitutes genius. We also look at a NAZI SS genius scientist, Werner Von Braun as proof of a man who achieved the impossible.

I’ve been very busy with some new stuff I’ve been experimenting with, which has run longer than I had anticipated. Often these things have a way of going that route despite all of one’s best intentions. But by yesterday, things had settled down and my experiment was running fine, and I was feeling happy about it.

So to all the people who have left messages for me, I’ll begin replying to you all tomorrow.

For the last 4 weeks I’ve had a very important experiment that I wanted to conduct. It is not directly related to my websites. But it is something that will help me a lot, if I can get it going. And yesterday, I finally got my first experiment working and I am very happy with that.

I will begin replying to everyone who has sent me messages in the meantime.

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Video: God said: Exterminate the Blacks: The Harry Knoesen Story S.Africa
Lots of Whites say that Christians will never fight. Here is a story unlike any other. This is the strange story of the CRUSADERS, the (NCRM) National Christian Resistance Movement of South Africa. This was a Christian Racialist who had former SADF special forces, Recces with him. They wanted to seize back South Africa for WHITES! This took place in 2018 and 2019. We study what Harry did and the many strange twists and turns in this strange story.

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