From Germany: Problematic court opinion

[From one of our brothers in Germany. He is dead right when he says that the PCR test only tests a tiny portion of the nucleotides. Jan]

Dipl.-Chem. Dr. rer. nat. Hans Penner, 76351 Linkenheim-Hochstetten

Professor Dr. Christian Drosten, Charite Berlin

Dear Professor Drosten,

Your judicial opinion on the PCR test is problematic. They claim the PCR test will detect infections caused by the Sars Cov2 virus.

A virus infection is only present when replicable viruses have penetrated body cells. Allegedly the Sars-CoV2 virus has not yet been isolated: Virus_Koch_Postulate_ExpreßZeitung_Nr_38_Seiten_31_32.pdf

The PCR test does not detect any Sars-Cov2 viruses whose genes consist of 30,000 nucleotides, but only short sections of 30 nucleotides that are found in Sars-CoV2 viruses.

In addition, the PCR test does not detect any gene segments in body cells, but only gene segments that are located on the body surface. The PCR test does not answer the question whether the detected gene segment comes from a body cell of the person concerned or whether it reached the nasal mucosa through inhalation. This latter process is considered very likely, hence the mask requirement.

The federal government has lost hereditary trust. It usually does not disclose the number of people suffering from Covid, but only the meaningless number of positive PCR tests. A statement from Dr. Schäuble also shows the Federal Government’s interest in the epidemic:

With best regards
Hans Penner

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