From Germany: Article in the BILD newspaper

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[I received this from a German. Jan]

Dear Ms. Willmann,
today I received the attached newspaper clipping from my friends. I cannot describe to you the joy I was given with it. I congratulate you on your courage and steadfastness and, above all, on the example you give to many fearful and doubtful people. They are a reminder that sometimes you just have to remember your backbone to stand up straight. Our country needs women and men of your stature today, more than ever, in a heyday of crooked political crops and their false panic policy, as well as the mindless refusal of Immanuel Kant’s postulate: "Have the courage to use your understanding".

All the best wishes from my side accompany you and certainly also from my circle of friends, whom I am hereby copying. You will certainly get mail from others. You can be proud of your attitude, because you encourage courage – thank you!
Greetings from the Taunus!
Hans J. Weber

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