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2003: Zim: World Food Program cuts December food for 2.6m Black people
Here‘s proof from an old article of mine that the WFP was feeding millions of Blacks in Zimbabwe after they chased out the White Farmers. Personally I think the Blacks should have been left to starve.

[This is from one of my supporters in France who was writing comparing France to South Africa. Jan]

The French supporter wrote:
Thank you, anyway. In France, we don’t have so much crime (yet) but the country is in turmoil. The syndicate CGT (communists, hard left) is still on strike, demanding "better salary" to TOTAL. Carburant is scarce or non-existent in a lot of petrol stations (around Paris notably) and people have to queue – or travel long distances – to get petrol and go to work…Such a mess…

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Video: Creativity: Ben Klassens Autobiography: Against the Evil Tide
At the beginning of this book, I discuss why I think its excellent and some of the things that blew me away and impressed the hell out of me. This book is very long, but you can randomly listen to any part of it.

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