From Canada: Kinsella Rats Dr. James Sears Out to the Cops

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Kinsella Rats Dr. James Sears Out to the Cops
We hadn’t heard much since last fall from Warren Kinsella, sometime lawyer, media pundit, public relations advisor and militant anti-free speech campaigner. Last fall, his wife Lisa split, both in marriage and business from him and went off and formed her own public relations/lobbying firm. Kinsella was seriously discredited when it emerged that the firm he and Lisa had owned — DaisyCommunications — had been hired by the Conservative Party to run a smear campaign against Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party of Canada with the special goal of keeping Mr. Bernier out of the leaders’ debates. This sordid piece of trickery was called Operation Seek and Destroy.

Kinsella had made a name for himself in the 1990s as "the Prince of Darkness", a political dirty tricks for Jean Chretien’s campaigns. He also wrote a book Web of Hate: Inside Canada’s Far Right Network, a smear piece. Then Toronto Sun expert on the Heritage Front Bill Dunphy counted no fewer than 38 errors in one chapter alone, the one on the Heritage Front. Kinsella. He was a close ally of Bernie Farber, the militantly anti-free speech CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress and now the CEO of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. Kinsella used his media appearances in newspaper columns and commentary spots on radio and television to advocate against free speech. From 2016-2019, he was a strident activist seeking to shut down the satirical newspaper YOUR WARD NEWS. When exposed for the clandestine dirty trick campaign against the People’s Party of Canada, Kinsella shot back defiantly:" "Daisy fights racism and hate. That’s what we do. … Kinsella said years ago he helped Stephen Harper, prior to his time with the Conservatives, root out and expel Heritage Front members from the Reform Party." (CBC, October 25, 2020) However, many of Kinsella’s media gigs dried up as he had not informed these outlets that he was a paid worker for the Conservative Party. His media persoona was that of a person who was opinionated but independent. Maxime Bernier is suing Kinsella for libel.

After eight months of quiet, Kinsella burst into anti-free speech flame on July 7. He tweeted: " NEO-NAZI “EDITOR” IS BACK PUSHING PANDEMIC CONSPIRACY THEORIES James Sears, the white supremacist “doctor,” is back. More about him is found over on my web site: This material has been distributed in East Toronto. I’ve forwarded it to the cops. Stay tuned."

This is typical Kinsella verbal smear and bombast: Dr. Sears has never identified as a "neo-Nazi" or as a White Supremacist." It is reflective of the deep animosity Kinsella displayed in a number of court or tribunal hearings where, among other things, he explained his goal had been to drive YOUR WARD NEWS out of business by any means necessary, even if it meant causing Dr. Sears to go bankrupt. [That didn't happen.] What stirred Kinsella’s rage were pamphlets and postings where Dr. Sears explained how to refuse to wear a mask in tyrannies like Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Kingston and Ottawa in order to shop for food or medicine.

You can read this advice FACE MASK EXEMPTION DECLARATION — Information from Dr. James Sears, Political Prisoner & Editor of YOUR WARD NEWS at

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