From Billy Roper: They are pushing the panic buttons HARD…

[I got this from Billy Roper. This is very weird. We are in the midst of an enormous scam and huge panic. The actual nature of this bothers me more and more. Common whites and small businesses will be hit the hardest. We have a FAKE PROBLEM with an even more FAKE SOLUTION and I think the Super Rich will gain massive power out of it. Already they have vastly too much power.  Jan]

They are really pushing the panic button this morning.

The White House coronavirus response coordinator said Monday that she is “very worried about every city in the United States” and projects 100,000 to 200,000 American deaths as a best case scenario.

In an interview on “TODAY,” Dr. Deborah Birx painted a grim message about the expected fatalities, echoing that they could hit more than 2 million without any measures, as coronavirus cases continue to climb throughout the country.


NBC News Coronavirus | Latest news and breaking stories

A deadly coronavirus, which causes respiratory illness and pneumonia, is spreading around the world.

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