FREE Book: I testify against the Jews (1953) – by Edmonson – a proud White American


[Someone sent me a link to this book which was published in 1953. The author is: Robert Edward Edmonson an American.

It turns out that Edmonson had a 40-year career as a reporter, editor, author and publisher on economics. He began publishing pamphlets exposing the Jews. The Jews tried to take him to court and there were two enormous court battles, one in 1936 and another in 1944. Edmonson was pro-White – he was race conscious it seems. He seems to have been a proud Aryan. There seems to have been evidence or thought that he was an agent for NAZI Germany.

This gives you some insight into how the Jewish question was playing itself out in the 1930s even in the USA. In his book he points out that “anti-semitism” (i.e. When you speak the truth about the Jews!) existed long before Hitler and that others had written on it and remarked about it including Mark Twain.

He remarks for example that in 1935 Hitler was saying that Jews predominated in Communism – he then quotes various Jews on the matter (and the Jews also lie through their teeth too).

You can read about Edmonson here on Metapedia: Jan]

You can download the book here:

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