For Frustrated Whites regarding White disunity … Chaos and feeling frustrated…

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S.Africa: 3 Blacks die after raping a crocodile on the instructions of a WitchDoctor!
I found this story doing the rounds on the social media among whites. I dug into it. The original source for this is used to be one of the best and most reliable Zimbabwe news websites for years.

In our struggles and frustrations to get the truth out there and to fight our racial enemies, do not feel frustrated or beaten. One good thing I see is that the CHAOS and the uncertainty and the general madness does hold Whites back from total unity – for now. But the plus side is that it means smaller groups and smaller organisations can make a difference. HANG IN THERE … DON’T QUIT. We can do plenty. We’re just in the CHAOS of WAR – that’s all. Keep focused, keep going forward. It will work.

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