Florida prosecutors release trove of Jew Jeffrey Epstein pedophile files – My Comments


[I agree with someone who commented: But did they make sure all the hot stuff was removed? Are the files censored? You can never trust these high level scum and the Jews. They have got away with so much already … 

I still think Epstein is having sex in Israel laughing at all of us stupid gentiles. Jan]

Florida prosecutors released their entire Jeffrey Epstein case file from when the serial pedophile was first investigated more than a decade ago and posted it online so the public can easily access it.

The trove of records is from the Palm Beach state attorney’s fumbled 2008 investigation into Epstein in which the mogul managed to walk away with a low-level charge of solicitation of a minor after he was accused of abusing dozens of minors.

The case file, posted online Thursday, includes three videos of a walk-through of Epstein’s Palm Beach estate, audio recordings of interviews with suspects and other internal documents related to the office’s investigation.

The case file also includes interviews with Epstein’s staff who witnessed some of his misdeeds, as well as the original police interviews detectives conducted with the financier’s alleged victims.

Almost all of them had an identical story. They were told they could make $200 if they went to a wealthy man’s house in Palm Beach and gave him a massage. Upon arriving, they realized it wasn’t just a massage they were expected to give after Epstein disrobed and masturbated in front of them.

Source: https://nypost.com/2020/02/03/florida-prosecutors-release-trove-of-jeffrey-epstein-files/

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