Finland Officially Bans Any Political Opposition To Jewish Supremacy And Its Radical Agenda – My Comments


[Jews at work, stuffing up the Western world … this time Finland. The Fins were allies of the Germans and used to have Swastikas on their air force aircraft until recently. Jan]

Finland’s Supreme Court rejected an attempt by a “neo-Nazi” movement to overturn a state prohibition on its activities in the country, and by doing so effectively ruled that any organized opposition to Jewish power and supremacy is illegal:

The ruling upheld an earlier decision, which banned the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), following a recommendation by the National Police Board, with the court citing the movement’s hate speech against foreigners and Jews and its use of violence, according to the report.

Though the NRM is active in five different Scandinavian nations, including functioning as a political party in Sweden, the movement was first banned in 2018, when the appeals court in the city of Turku ruled they should be shut down due to its militia structure and a series of violent acts, including the murder of an anti-fascist demonstrator in 2016, according to The Algemeiner.

In 2019, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) urged Sweden to ban the NRM, following the movement’s rallies on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day in the cities of Ludvika and Kungälv.

The court ruling is sending a clear and unambiguous message to the Finns — resistance is futile.

Remarkably, 5 million Finns are controlled and silenced by a tiny population of about 1,500 Jews living in their midst.

No matter how many people that the violent Antifa protestors injure, intimidate, or kill, they are never banned or outlawed — and the media praises as “law-abiding”.

Pravda 101.

Yet anyone who opposes Jewish power or radical nation-wrecking bolshevism is immediately labeled as a violent Neo-Nazi who wants to kill 6 million Jews — and absurd as that may sound, this tactic by and large has been very effective in neutralizing their opponents.

Over 100 million people who opposed Jewish bolshevism have been murdered in the last 100 years, yet despite that staggering body count, it is still perceived as “largely peaceful” — because of the Jewish monopoly of the media and publishing.

The Finns — and every other White Christian nation — have allowed these racial aliens to take control of all levers of power in their nations, and it would be foolish to think that those racial aliens would not use that enormous power to make it illegal to oppose them.

Jews don’t play fair, and it’s a waste of breath demanding that they should — their power come from an unabashed use of weaponized hypocrisy — you will never shame them because they have no sense of shame.

But remember, aside from Adolf Hitler, the Jews hate Christ with equal or greater vitriol — and if the Finns would start opposing Jewish supremacy as racially aware Christians instead of LARPing as “Neo-Nazis”, they just might start seeing some immediate results.

Poland and Hungary seem to have figured some of this out — how to use Jewish tactics and slogans against them.

European courts can ban “Nazis” but they can’t ban Christians. But that is coming.


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