[Just in from Matt Hale's mother! Poor Matt. So buggered by the Jewish filth who set him up. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: I finally received a letter from Matt today. Apparently, the Marion Federal Prison website is not updated often. The Associate warden is D. Sproul. The warden is Bill True according to their website.

!. This prison has the same ban on greeting cards, giving Matt black and white copies of cards sent to Matt, postcards too.
2. Matt said his captors are only letting his domestic mail leave the prison simply because they don’t feel like on putting foreign addresses into my computer file. His letters abroad are being held.
3. Matt said when he gets to use the computer, he will be allowed to email up to 30 people. Some of those slots will be filled with foreign supporters so that we can save money on postage. He said many of his letters will remain handwritten?.
4. He is having a tough time because he is still locked in his cell under quarantine, no air, no commissary and no phone calls.
After the lockdown is over, he will have 16 hours per day out of his cell. Write to Matt!!
Matthew Hale 15177-424
USP Marion CMU
P.O.Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


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