Fighting between modern religions – Roman Empire: Paganism had no infighting… 160+ religions

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Some people here in SA whom I was talking to, were noting that there is infighting between Christians and Muslims as to who has the better “invisible friend”.

So I wrote this about the Roman Empire and how Paganism worked:

Let me tell you something about Paganism, which Christians, believe is evil. Paganism, was our religion for many thousands of years. That’s where the Swastika of the NAZIs comes from. The Swastika, like MANY other symbols was a symbol for the Sun. Now with regard to the fight between the religions as to who is right. This actually is only a fight among Christians and Muslims and Jews. Other religions worked differently. In the time of the Roman Empire, there was FREEDOM OF RELIGION. There were over 160+ pagan religions. (A handful were similar to Christianity – e.g. Mithraism). The Romans had 160+ pagan religions in their empire and there was no trouble among them. It was true freedom of religion. Then came Christianity … our God and only our God… The original Christians even fled to synagogues to get help from the Jews if they were in trouble. The original Christians also circumcised themselves – just like Jews. For the record, there were over 80 forms of Christianity, among them, Gnosticism, which taught that the events in the Bible are not actually real (if I remember correctly). The final form of Christianity was laid down by the Roman Emperor Constantine, and when he convened a council to lay down Christianity as a single doctrine MOST OF THE CHRISTIANS CAME FROM THE NEAR EAST – THEY WERE NOT WHITE PEOPLE!!!

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