FANTASTIC: White Genius at work: National Vanguard’s Search Engine for Whites

[Hahahaha. White brilliance at work! Science and Technology is our friend, and we must just keep using it to the maximum. National Vanguard's people seem to have pulled off a brilliant feat by actually tapping directly into Google's database SELECTIVELY! White Genius at work! I have been hoping we could get a white's only search engine for long! And here it is! 

I did some searches and like the results. I don't see my own websites on there. I hope someone will add me to the search engine results! But otherwise, yet another brilliant step forward. 
It just adds to my view that as we progress forward … we whites are going to kick so much Jewish and enemy ass that they won't know what hit them. 


div>The problem with the Jewish shit bags, is that they thought they could ban whites and we would be as hopeless as the others. WRONG! In the end, we whites will have the Jews fleeing … as we rightly should. Race of shit. Jan]

WE ALL KNOW that Google and other Jewish-run Internet firms have purposely de-ranked and demoted National Vanguard and other truth-telling Web sites. Google searches that formerly brought first-page results for NV now bring nothing from our site — or possibly a hit or two on page four, or four hundred, where no one is likely to see them. Even relatively obscure and low-traffic sites (that might get one-fiftieth or less of our readership) that have republished National Vanguard articles get higher page ranks than we do.

But it’s possible, using free and publicly available interfaces, to access Google’s massive database in a selective manner, rendering search results from a few select sites that you’re particularly interested in using for your research. That’s what’s been done at Flawless Logic Search — — where you can search on any subject and get results from NV, the Institute for Historical Review, Metapedia, White Biocentrism, and quite a few other sites that normally are hard to find, though they offer some of the very best news, opinion, and archived information available.

Flawless Logic Search is a great and fun resource for seekers of truth and free thinkers, well worth bookmarking. Even our adversaries might find it useful, just to see what those terrible questioners of the status quo are up to!


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