FANTASTIC NEWS: Demand For Untainted Blood From MRNA Shot Increasing


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Early on in the rollout of these CONvid-1984 poisonous injections, many knowledgeable individuals, including Maija Hahn, warned about the blood supply being “tainted” with mRNA spike proteins from vaccinated individuals. The recipients of “tainted” blood, who refused to take the CONvid-1984 poisonous injection, would then have their own body turned into a
spike protein factory risking serious side effects. Now that individuals are waking up to the damage done by these injections, people are demanding blood that is free from “vaccination”.

According to Vice News, more and more individuals are requesting transfusions with blood from unvaccinated individuals. However, this publication downplays the dangers of transfusions using blood from the injected. Vice declares these individuals requesting transfusion with blood from un-injected individuals as being “driven by conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific beliefs about the dangers of mRNA COVID vaccines”. This same publication smears founder of SafeBlood Donation, George Della Petra, who has called this “global coronavirus” injection campaign as “the crime of the century.”

Tim Hume at Vice News wrote, “The American Red Cross and other major blood collectors say that blood from people who’ve had mRNA COVID vaccines is safe for transfusion, and that while the vaccine is designed to generate an immune response, vaccine components themselves are not actually found within the bloodstream.”

Fortunately, we know this information from The American Red Cross is incorrect. While the American Red Cross does ask donors if they have been injected with the CONvid-1984 poisonous soup, this information is not passed on to recipients nor is the “tainted” blood separated from non-tainted blood.

This presents a very serious conundrum for those who are un-injected and facing surgery, whether elective or emergency.

SafeBlood Donation, which has members in at least 16 countries, eventually hopes to open blood banks providing unvaccinated plasma for its members. But the group’s initial goal is to pressure hospitals and health authorities worldwide into permitting so-called “directed donations” of unvaccinated blood – through which recipients could nominate donors who hadn’t had COVID vaccinations to provide the blood directly for their treatment.

Medical authorities only allow directed donations in specific situations where it is medically necessary, such as to source a rare blood type, but refuse growing requests for “unvaccinated” blood on ethical and medical grounds. The medical consensus is that there’s no risk of harm from being transfused with blood from people who have had the COVID vaccine, with authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration saying there’s no evidence to suggest “an increased risk of adverse events.”

As Dr. Panda wrote at Health Impact News:
The same people who told you the vaccine will stop transmission, the vaccine stays in your arm, the vaccine is safe and effective, etc., are downplaying the risks of mRNA spiked blood. Folks, most of what was called a conspiracy theory by the government and main stream media is now FACT. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The general blood supply is now full of ‘fully vaccinated’ spike protein-laden blood. Blood Banks require you to indicate if you’ve been COVID vaccinated when donating blood. However they do not pass this information along to the recipient. They know but do not distinguish.

If an unvaccinated person receives a blood transfusion of blood containing the mRNA spike protein (and whatever else is in the vials) then that passes on to the recipient. The spike protein starts replicating again and your body is now a spike protein factory. The unvaccinated potentially become vaccinated along with all the damage that occurs.

Aside from the spike proteins (in the study referenced above) antibodies to the spike protein and T-cells are also found in the blood.

If you are unvaccinated and have an upcoming scheduled surgery you can be your own blood donor. Autologous Blood Banking is when you donate your own blood for your own personal use. Generally 72 hours before your scheduled surgery. This is the best way to be prepared if you possibly need a blood transfusion. The American Red Cross, along with other major blood banks regularly provide this service.

Before you start jumping up and down saying “Yay, we can donate for ourselves or get others to direct donate blood in case of surgery”, it’s not as easy or simple as this sounds. And, the information on autologous blood banking or directed donation provided by Health Impact News is woefully incomplete. This is something our family has faced. After speaking with the southeastern coordinator for directed blood donation and autologous blood donation, there are several factors that come into play.

First, an individual can only donate once every approximately 52 days. The blood is only good for 35 days and takes 10 days for processing. So, if you want more than one pint, the previous pint is “spoiled” before the second pint is gathered. This requires that you have several donors. Next, the time frame of 72 hours is not enough to have the blood “processed” before surgery. In order for the blood to be collected, the doctor has to send an order to the American Red Cross for direct donation to include the type of blood product needed and the number of pints to be collected. For any direct donation over three pints, the medical director of the American Red Cross must sign off on the request. Moreover, if you have any type of heart condition and/or having any type of heart surgery, you will not be able to donate on your own behalf (autologous blood banking). Last, the American Red Cross has to send donors to a “collection” broker to collect the blood that will then go to the American Red Cross for processing and assigned to the specific recipient.

According to the American Red Cross, there is no problem with individuals requesting autologous blood banking or directed blood donation for any reason. The organization is ready to assist those who request these services. The problem can come from the surgeon.

As many readers know, this writer’s mother is scheduled to have a mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valve repair in December. Because all our family, except us, have been injected with the CONvid-1984 poison, this writer was the only individual who could donate blood for her. A call went out for unvaccinated individuals, who were either this writer’s mother’s blood type or a universal blood type, to donate blood on her behalf – only two donors were needed. No one answered our request. Moreover, the surgeon was reluctant to provide the order for directed blood donation. The question the surgeon asked was “Are you Jehovah’s Witness?” It was found interesting that this sect of belief would be at the forefront. Even though we informed the surgeon we are not Jehovah’s Witness but there were other religious beliefs guiding our request, the surgeon brushed those off nonchalantly. What difference would a “sect” of religion make? Sincerely held religious beliefs should be honored and upheld by the medical community. Unfortunately, unless you are a part of a sect that is not even biblically based, your religious beliefs are discounted.

Therefore, going into her surgery, we are fervently praying that she will not need any blood and if she does, she receives blood from an unvaccinated donor. It is now too late for directed donation.

Along with the potential for death during the surgery, explained by her surgeon, she is suffering anxiety over the possibility of being injured from CONvid-9184 injection tainted blood should she need it. Despite reassurances, this remains in the back of her mind. Now, it is too late for directed donation.

The important thing to know here is that it is now up to those who did not receive the CONvid-1984 poisonous injection to band together for each other in the face of further dangers from the tainted blood supply. It would be a tragedy to stand firm in the face of being injected only to receive the dangers and side effects of that injection through a tainted blood supply.

Be warned and take heed!! The contamination of the blood supply is something that was known would occur at the outset of these injections. Remember, those who keep repeating the injection is “safe”, “does not enter the blood stream”, “does not damage organs”, and “side effects are rare” are the same ones touting the blood supply is “safe”.


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