Fantastic Germans! Tears of joy and delight at the death of one of Jewish Merkel’s Traitors!


[I found this link on The Goyim Know. I laughed so much. I am astounded by this … and of course uttlerly delighted.

I have found some interesting information about Merkel. Merkel is not only a communist and a Jewess, but she actually studied at the Lenin University in Moscow. She’s a well trained communist. Germans have informed me that Merkel not only is Merkel’s degree totally FAKE, but that as a communist her speciality was “Political Agitation”.

“Mommy Merkel” is a Jewish communist piece of shit the kind of which would have made Emperor Adolf Hitler spin in his grave!

Its excellent that this fucking German traitor ended up dead like this! What’s wrong with the rest of us in the Western world that the rest of us can’t put all our traitors 6 foot under hey? We certainly have more and worse traitors in our midst, but we’ve done nothing about them.

Here is a link to The Goyim Know and the delight and happiness of others. Indeed, other whites say these traitors should be drawn and quartered. Yes indeed! Now you’re talking! We Whites of European descent do NOT bugger around! That is not our way! Never has been.

Here’s the link, have a laugh: Justice Served! Wretched Anti-German Politician Found Dead in Garden Jan]

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