Fantastic Ben Klassen agrees with Hitler: JEWS ARE INFERIOR TO THE WHITE RACE! – National (Christian) White People’s Party


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Ben Klassen went through a number of changes as he got involved in American politics. Eventually the Jews destroyed his political career. He won a seat as a legislator in a state. Ben Klassen’s various transformations as he tried to solve the problem of Jews versus Whites is very fascinating.

I was looking at documents that had been written about the NWPP, and what Ben Klassen actually wrote.

Klassen states, JEWS ARE THE ORIGINAL HATE GROUP!!! I definitely agree with that. JEWS are the ones FILLED WITH HATRED.

The NWPP was actually Christian, but things went wrong. It was after that, that Klassen went and started his work on creating a religion for Whites.

All of what Klassen wrote is dead on the money. He said, among many things that No, Hitler did NOT kill 6 million Jews.

Interestingly, Klassen praised Franco of Spain a LOT. He says Franco defeated the Jews. Hitler by the way had bolder plans for Spain during WW2 and he wanted Spain to side with the Axis powers against the Anglo powers. Franco frustrated Hitler tremendously. The Germans had some great strategic ideas but Franco did not want to engage in that. However, Spain remained the last Fascist nation on earth after WW2 and the Spanish were friendly to the Boers and South Africa.

Are Jews superior or inferior to Whites? Well, Ben Klassen definitely is saying what Hitler said. Ben Klassen wrote that: "Jews are INFERIOR TO THE WHITE RACE … but achieved their power through conspiracy, bribery, theft, murder, lies … by banning together in the fanatic hatred towards the White Race."

The above is brilliant, and Hitler would have agreed 100% with that. Klassen was a huge fan of Hitler anyway. But it’s nice to see him reaching his own conclusions.

Klassen also wrote: "Jews are a RACE not a RELIGION".

That is EXACTLY what Hitler said.

Ben Klassen also wrote: "Jews do not consider themselves as part of the White Race".

Ben Klassen wrote all these things roundabout (give or take a few years), 1970.

It stood the test of time firmly.

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