Falling Sperm counts: White Race’s greatest weakness: NO CHILDREN! White Children by any means…

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A really nice Canadian NS lady I know, wrote this with regard to the story about massively falling sperm counts. I like her mindset. She’s old, but her mind is alive:

For white men who want to father a child and not necessarily have the responsibility of raising the child, go to Denmark and have your fun.
Just a thought.

I replied:
Frankly, any method that results in white children needs to be adopted.

Not having children is the worst weakness we have.

But Jewish economics and other Jewish crap is all part of the reason why we are struggling to do something that we have been doing for tens of thousands of years without a problem.

It annoys the living f*ck out of me that we are unable to do things that we did with ease a thousand years ago.

That alone should show you that something is VERY VERY VERY WRONG.

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