Fake Ashes Of Jews Killed In ‘Holocaust’ Shames Germany Into Accepting More Muslim Invaders


[This is yet another excellent article from Christians for Truth. It's from 2019, but most definitely very relevant. Here we see more of the FAKE GUILT TRIP that is constantly foisted on the Germans. Jews come up with their total garbage, and then they proceed to shame and cheat Germans out of money, resources, etc on the basis of ENORMOUS JUNK CLAIMS! Jews have no shame! What am I saying? Well, let me put it another way: Jews are pure GARBAGE. These people wouldn't know what shame was if it came and kicked them in the teeth. Nothing would be more awesome than to see a REAL GERMANY BACK, that is run by real Germans, for the benefit of Germans. One thing I am happy about is that Germany has a lot less Jews now than in the time of Hitler. No, the Jewish rats did NOT DIE! They fled Germany, and now they're trying to recolonise Germany. May there come a day when Germans can REJECT all Jewish applications to settle or even move into Germany! That would be wonderful. The Western World, ALL OF IT, needs BORDER CONTROLS TO KEEP ALL WESTERN NATIONS WHITE! Jan]

The Center for Political Beauty, a German activist organization, placed a large urn-like container outside Germany’s parliament building which allegedly contains the ashes of jewish victims of the Nazis:

The message of the art-activist collective Zentrum für Politische Schönheit, or Center for Political Beauty, is that the government should not work with the far right, the German news service Deutsche Welle reported.

The center said on its website that it created the installation to show that in Germany “the legacy of the Holocaust is rendered void by political apathy, the rejection of refugees and cowardice.” The installation is also meant to remember the victims of the Holocaust, the organizers told Deutsche Welle.

The gray cylindrical column is partly illuminated from the inside with an orange light which allows viewers to see the soil sample.

The group said it spent two years digging up soil from 23 sites across Germany, and in Poland and Ukraine, including at the Auschwitz, Sobibor, and Treblinka Nazi camps, where Nazis were active in the mass murder of Jews and others. Lab results found traces of human remains in over 70 percent of the 240 samples, the group said in a statement. “At one of the horrific sites we found ashes and bone char a meter deep. This column contains the (drill) sample from this soil that has been preserved for all eternity,” according to the group, Deutsche Welle reported.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany and the International Auschwitz Committee condemned the urn and its contents.

If this group were going around to different concentration camps and digging up soil samples, you can bet your bottom jewish Federal Reserve Note that Holocaust groups would have had a major kanipshin, and this group would have been arrested and publicly shamed.

As we’ve previously reported, the Jews do not allow any alleged remains from so-called Holocaust victims to be dug up anywhere for any reason, including by other Jews.

The reason for this is simple: there have never been any mass graves of Jews from the Holocaust, and that would easily be proven if people started poking around the so-called ‘hallowed ground’ of these designated atrocity sites.

Regardless, if a jar full of fake human ashes can convince the German parliament to continue to allow the country to be flooded with Third World migrants, they have no future as a nation and might as well hand over the keys to the future Caliphate of Germany to the Jews.

Here Gideon Falter, a radical jewish activist in England, explains why the evil “Nazis” wanted to exterminate the Jews:

Source: https://christiansfortruth.com/urn-with-fake-ashes-of-jews-killed-in-holocaust-used-to-shame-germany-into-accepting-more-muslim-invaders/

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