Extremely Angry White writing about the stupid British & Anglos who are OWNED by the JEWS!


[This is a comment on one of my videos. It struck me with its extreme anger. But I must say, the British have really been buggering things up for Whites in general and I do AGREE that the Rothschilds probably by themselves, probably own Britain. What is interesting is the idea that they probably own all those British related Anglo countries. This would not surprise me. Remember the Rothschild's wealth is NOT PUBLIC. And when wealth is NOT PUBLIC then it is hidden away. Britain exists, literally to serve whatever malicious, dumb, retarded ideas the Rothschild scum come up with. Jan]

This was the comment on a video:

British cunts were the ones who put those psychopath fucking bloodsucking rat pedophile Jews in Palestine & now they have 450 Nuclear Warheads pointing at us! They also put the head chopping fucking psychopath Saudi Arabia in the middle esst to destroy the muslim world & combat Islam!
& now they have fucking terrorist called ISIS running all over middle east killing innocent people! The fucking royal cunt family pedophile motherfuckers who drink baby blood stole half the world’s wealth for 200 fuckin years pillaging, raping stealing oil & resources. One thing you gotta remember is they OWN US Britain Canada & Australia. All puppets & slaves of the fucking pedophile Ashkenazi rat Jews that got kicked out of Europe. That's why Europe is in peace now. They are your masters & they worship the devils & rape your children & call themselves the CHOSEN ONES with their Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israhell!
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