Excellent Quote from BRAIN DAMAGED Joe Biden (asshole, liar & thief)


[This stupid piece of shit, who is dumber than a rock, is actually fcking brain damaged. His short term memory is totally fried. I’m sure I’ve read that US Presidents must be HEALTHY. The liar and Jew-loving, Communist-loving FDR scammed his way past that one. But other than that a US President is supposed to be healthy among other things. This guy’s mind is fcking fried as if someone has stuck his stupid head into a damned microwave oven or something. This is an actual quote, and I’ve heard him say this on video. This is what he said at his stupid press conference. If leadership actually meant something then this man would have to be removed from office. He would not be able to function as an actual leader. But he’s just a puppet, and a general bag of shit. Jan]

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