EXCELLENT: Hundreds of fired healthcare workers who refused Covid vaccine get $10 million settlement


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[This is fabulous. I hope more people can use this. The law operates on precedents. So this might open some doors. Jan]

SHARYL ATTKISSON | Dec. 30, 2022

The following is an excerpt from The Defender.

A U.S. judge approved a multimillion-dollar settlement on Dec. 19 for workers who were fired by an Illinois healthcare system for refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

About 500 workers who were terminated or, after seeing their exemption requests denied, got a Covid-19 vaccine, will receive compensation as part of the $10.3 million settlement, a preliminary version of which was first announced in July.

U.S. District Judge John Kness, a Trump appointee overseeing the lawsuit brought by the workers, issued verbal approval for the settlement during a hearing, lawyers for Liberty Counsel and NorthShore University Healthsystem said.

Kness plans to release a written judgment in the next week.

Source: https://www.winterwatch.net/2022/12/hundreds-of-fired-healthcare-workers-who-refused-covid-vaccine-get-10-million-settlement/

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